Eight-year-old John Wortman hosts a weekly newscast from his home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. John started John News shortly after his school stopped meeting in person in March, 2020.

John says that he started John News "because I want to make people happy--even during coronavirus time."

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John talks to Trae Hartley, an engineer who works in a nuclear power plant. He finds out how nuclear power works, and what the environmental and safety issues are. Also, TWO North Carolina boys jump off things.

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John meets Dave Kerschbaum and his improv team named "Cheaper Than Therapy. "John learns about improv, and does three fun exercises!

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John news meets a bomb-sniffing police dog

John News broadcasts from the football stadium at UNC-Chapel Hill. John meets Canine Officer J. Jack and his handler. John learns how J. Jack finds an explosive hidden in the stadium.

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John News features COOKING WITH JOHN, where John makes a yummy and delicious lunch. John's mom critiques the dish. John also gives his weekly news report.

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John News Featured on CBS 17 News Program

May 2, 2021 Reporter Crystal Price interviews John, gives an in-depth account of how John News is created, and reports on why John started his newscast. To view the story, click here.

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Help feed hungry kids. All proceeds go to TABLE, Inc., a nonprofit that feeds children in John’s community. To order your shirt, click here.

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Watch the very first episode of John News! You can see how far John has come.