Ten-year-old John Wortman hosts a newscast from his home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. John started John News shortly after the pandemic caused his school to stop meeting in person in March, 2020. John was in first grade then; now he is in fourth grade, and John News is still going strong!

John says that he started John News "because I want to make people happy--even during coronavirus time."

john selected as a Hometown hero

Check THIS out! Another accolade for John and John News! WCHL, the local radio station, named John a "Hometown Hero"! It's worth your time to listen to the audio. Click here.

And you get to hear what John's school principal says about him!

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John News visits Canada! John reports on his epic vacation, and shows clips of himself skiing, rock climbing, shooting into the sky at an amusement park, and doing cannonballs into a pool! John also visits with his Canada Correspondent.

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John is on vacation in Canada! While he is there, John News visits a woodshop and store called “Could Chuck Wood,” and John makes a wooden sign of his own creation. John says, “It was really fun and a great thing to do on my vacation!”  Visit the store at https://www.facebook.com/NerissasWoodcrafts.

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John News visits his local animal shelter. John meets Davis, an adult dog looking for his forever home. He also learns about how animal shelters work, what are the issues currently affecting animal shelters, and he gets tips for how people can get involved in animal adoption efforts.

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John appeared on WCHL, 97.9 The Hill. He had a lot of fun substituting as the guest for the station's Talking Books segment. Click here to listen.

John gets a major award


It's a big day for John! At the annual recognition ceremony for his school district, John is one of three students — out of 12,000 in the district — to receive the “Hamlett's Heroes“ award. John News was there to record the superintendent presenting this important award to John.

Help fight hunger. All proceeds go to TABLE, Inc., a nonprofit that feeds hungry kids in John's community. To order your shirt, click here.

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John News Featured on CBS 17 News Program

May 2, 2021  Reporter Crystal Price interviews John, gives an in-depth account of how John News is created, and reports on why John started his newscast. To view the story, click here.

Visit John's YouTube channel here.

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Watch the very first episode of John News! You can see how far John has come.