Eight-year-old John Wortman hosts a weekly newscast from his home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. John started John News shortly after his school stopped meeting in person in March, 2020.

John says that he started John News "because I want to make people happy--even during coronavirus time."

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John visits with Valerie Powell, a meditation instructor and yoga practitioner. John News invited her because John wanted to learn more about meditation, which can help relieve stress during coronavirus time.

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John News welcomes Esther Metthews, a woman who thinks that learning languages expands our horizons. John gets greeted in five different languages. He also gives a sports report,

The top 10 reasons to learn languages

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John News Featured on CBS 17 News Program

May 2, 2021 Reporter Crystal Price interviews John, gives an in-depth account of how John News is created, and reports on why John started his newscast. To view the story, click here.

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Help feed hungry kids. All proceeds go to TABLE, Inc., a nonprofit that feeds children in John’s community. To order your shirt, click here.

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